HVAC Ducktwork Repair Means Energy Savings & Improved Air Quality

If the furnace and the air conditioning system is the heart of your house the ductwork is the arteries and veins.

Most Overlooked

The ductwork is the most overlooked part of the system. Typically, ductwork is found in the attic, in between the floors, or in the crawlspace. Most homeowners don’t go into these places nor would they know what to look for.


Common indicators of a problem with the duct are musty odors or sweating ductwork, a crawl space that is colder than your house (summer), and high energy bills. Typically, these problems are found on maintenance inspections and can be addressed on the spot.

Free Inspection

If you believe you are having issues with your ducting or vents, NASCAIR will inspect them free of charge as well as provide photos of any damage. Due to our diligence and reputation, we have become the authority on duct design.

Skilled Installation

NASCAIR installers are trained to look beyond the “repair.” They carefully inspect the system for leakage, kinks, excess flex, moisture, and faulty connections. Allow NASCAIR Heating & Cooling to give you a thorough assessment and a written report every season on the condition of your equipment.

With NASCAIR Advantage, you can be assured that your system(s) will be inspected, cleaned and adjusted each season. There will be no worry about forgetting – as one of our Advantage Customers, NASCAIR will remind you to schedule your seasonal maintenance.

One of the costliest household replacements you will experience is that of replacing your heating or air conditioning system. Heating systems typically last 15 years and air conditioning systems have a 10-12 year life expectancy with regular maintenance.

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  • Turn the thermostat OFF
  • If you notice a wet spot on the ceiling or water in the furnace (inside unit) or blower (outside unit) area
  • DRIPPING WATER: If water is dripping from a pipe sticking out of the soffit:
  • Shut off A/C immediately at the breaker box you have an EMERGENCY
  • Call 803-802-8884 to set up a service appointment before the water damage becomes a bigger problem




  • Turn the thermostat OFF
  • Now turn the thermostat to the HEAT setting and monitor to see if the system cycles back on
  • If the furnace is in the attic, ensure no one has unintentionally turned OFF the switch above the furnace. This is common during the Holiday Season
  • If this does not work please call 803-802-8884 to set up a service appointment